Helping machines talk to humansHelping machines talk to humansHelping machines talk to humansHelping machines talk to humans

We've been going at this whole "talk to the machines" thing backwards.  

It's time to put the back end first.

Connecting the digital world to humankind

Tell Me Who You Are

Systems in the online world are massive and complicated.   There are more of them than anyone can possibly keep track of.   And many of them are hard to tell apart.  We need them to be able to identify and describe themselves so that we can know where to connect.

Show Me What You Do

Every online system has its own internal logic.  They've all been built with particular purposes in mind, based on assumptions about how, where, and why they'll  be used.  Once we've found them, we need to know what  they want us to do and how we should go about doing it.

Talk To My Assistant

Online systems speak in machine languages.  Once they can tell us who they are and what they do, we then need a way to communicate back and forth with us, the humans.  We can make this happen by teaching online systems to talk to our personal assistants: Alexa, Google, Siri, ...

Take Care Of This, OK?

Online systems have power and potential far beyond humans.  They  don't need us hanging around watching  while they work.  We need to show them how to manage the work they're doing for us from start to finish on their own, in the background.   They can always ask if they need help.